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Celebrating 30 Years
Antenna Workspaces

Antenna Workspaces

Antenna Workspaces considers the growing variety of settings where work takes place and blends desks, tables, storage units and screens to create intuitive solutions for individuals and groups. In the process, Antenna Workspaces suggests connections and boundaries between diverse work areas and establishes a new way to shape space, simplifying transitions between individual and group work. Antenna creates work environments that respond to the needs of today’s dynamic workplace and go beyond the traditional boundaries of open plan, private office and collaborative areas. Antenna serves those who view the entire office as a canvas to support a variety of work modes throughout the day. Desk and table extensions add a collaborative element to individual spaces for quick sharing of information. Simple tables are the perfect fit in smaller rooms for one-on-one meetings or private phone calls. Antenna Big Table works as a collaborative workspace in the open plan and as a tech-savvy meeting room table to support the work done by teams.

Made by: Knoll